Hallelujah! Indeed.

Hallelujah’s very name is an affront to the haters, hinting as it does at the quasi-religious, cultish status the style-challenged attribute to the trappings of hipsterdom. And Hallelujah is situated alongside The Power and The Glory, that innocuous bar that appears to have been granted the mantle of hipster nexus by the sad, unthinkingly eager... Continue Reading →

The Mess: good food, ugh ambience

The Mess restaurant is in the Rockwell building in Green Point, or De Waterkant, or whatever they’re calling the area now in some vain attempt to make it appear cooler than it actually is. As a building, the Rockwell is so utterly without character that it makes the faux Tuscan nightmare of Montecasino look like... Continue Reading →

A pink rabbit stares at two green lovers

I spend a lot of time crossing the road in foreign countries. It’s part of my job, crossing roads. Normally, that’s a metaphor for bringing together ideologically divided parties, such as traditional media and technology. I’m supposed to take them by the hand, and lead them across the information highway to meet each other in... Continue Reading →

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