If dogs run free: Dylan covers

Every Wednesdayish, some friends and I hold a listening evening over Zoom. It sprung out of a real world book club and is, of course, a creative way of dealing with lockdown ennui. A different person every week plays five songs based around a loose theme. And the theme can be as loose as “Happy... Continue Reading →

Get ready for deep fakes

  In the long ago, early days of the internet, when dinosaurs roamed free on the plains of MySpace, it used to be a truism that pornography drove technological progress. Some pundits claim that the US military wouldn’t have got the sizeable user base they did when they invented the internet, without the avid consumers... Continue Reading →

“The Enforcers”: a mini review

There’ve been a few reviews of Caryn Dolley’s The Enforcers: Inside Cape Town’s deadly nightclub battles that say things like it “[reads] like a fast-paced crime thriller”. It really doesn’t, it’s much better than that. It reads like excellent and meticulous investigative journalism, and the matter-of-factness of the murders, drug deals and police culpability are what... Continue Reading →

On Freud, Twitter and cunnilingus

There are many celebrated examples of people who see the world from a phallocentric perspective, or, to use the less staid feminist terminology, think like a dick. Twitter abounds with these, to the extent that we even have a name for them: trolls. Twitter’s chief executive recently admitted (and this is verbatim) that the company... Continue Reading →

Piet Botha: A Suitcase full of Winter

Piet Botha (18 July 1955 - 02 June 2019) An interview I was privileged to do with Piet, in those far off days (2012) when we still had music publications in South Africa that did meaty stories. Previously published in Rolling Stone magazine (South Africa).

Life and death at the Chelsea Hotel

The friend who showed me the Chelsea Hotel killed himself three months later. A month after that, the Chelsea was taken over by developers, and its long, seventy-plus years of bohemian excess and wonder was finished. Inadvertently, I’d managed to see an iconic building, one that had always figured large on my list of artistic... Continue Reading →

Hallelujah! Indeed.

Hallelujah’s very name is an affront to the haters, hinting as it does at the quasi-religious, cultish status the style-challenged attribute to the trappings of hipsterdom. And Hallelujah is situated alongside The Power and The Glory, that innocuous bar that appears to have been granted the mantle of hipster nexus by the sad, unthinkingly eager... Continue Reading →

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